Ground testing & design

Soil Resistivity Testing for grounding system design utilizing the " Four Point Wenner" Method to determine the resistivity of the soil.  Typically, this test is performed before site construction.  The data is used to design a grounding system that will achieve target resistance.  Reports containing soil data and grounding recommendations are delivered within 24 hours. 

Ground Resistance verification testing is needed after installation of the grounding system. This test should be performed on every site to verify if the grounding system has met the equipment manufacturer's and end-user's requirements, typically 5 ohms or less. Test method is "Fall of Potential"( 3 Point Method)  or clamp on method (only in special circumstances). This test should  be performed before the site connected to utility power.  Once the site is constructed,  ground resistance tests should be performed annually.   Reports with recommendations for corrections if necessary are delivered within 24 hours. Grounding system drawings or description requested.

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